With continuous growth and demand in the health food market, Yi Wang felt the need to reinvest and reinvent within our background strength in product development as well as biotechnology advancement.

Since the early 1980's, Yi Wang tiredlessly cooporate with world professionals to develop and study more innovative ways to increase productivity as well as effectiveness of our health supplement products.

Advanced biotechnologies not only increase productivity in terms of manfacturing, but also the purity and effectiveness extracted and preserved health botanicals and active ingredients.

Below we are proud to present current advanced biotechnologies Yi Wang is implementing:

Supercritical Fluid Extraction

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The Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SCF Extraction) technology is currently implemented primarily on Brazilian Green Propolis liquid extracts. In the past, traditional extraction of Propolis has always been Alcoholic extraction due to its cost-friendliness and simplicity of production.

Since Propolis is extremely complicated in its active ingredients, we realize that mere Alcohol may not completely and effectively extract essential active ingredients from Propolis and promptly preserve the extracted active ingredients, therefore we have placed great effort into developing the Supercritical Fluid Extraction technology.

The SCF Extraction is primarily utlized by the fragrance and coffee industry, in which very specific chemical compounds need be extracted. The technology behind SCF Extraction is as follows:

  • Pressured CO2 gas at near 7,200 psi passing critical point (hence the name Supercritical) transform CO2 into liquid state from gaseous state.
  • The liquid CO2 is extremely penetrative (roughly 100 times stronger than normal solvent) and can dissolve with both water and lipid based compounds, mixed with raw Propolis.
  • The active ingredients are preserved, and wax wastes are filtered through, producing high purity Brazilian Green Propolis liquid extract.

Below is a comparison chart between traditional Alcoholic extraction vs. SCF Extraction

Traditional Alcoholic Extraction

Supercritical Fluid Extraction




Dissolve Raw Propolis with edible Alcohol solvent, filter out wastes and waxes, then obtain Propolis alcohol liquid extracts.


Compress CO2 with over 7,200 psi of pressure into liquid state, dissolve Raw Propolis with CO2 solvent, control pressure to release unwanted substances and waxes, finally obtaining SCF Propolis lidquid extracts

Comparison and Analysis

Comparison and Analysis


Simple extraction method, equipments and low costs. Finished extraction is easily oxidized and Propolis extract may react with Alcohol solution. 


Finished Propolis extract contains unfiltered wax and wastes, which may not be suitable for human consumption.



Depending on the time spent mixing/dissolving Propolis with Alcohol, the final solution is generally better for longer duration, but difficult to prove and for consumers to judge without seeing the actual product. 



Propolis alcohol extract contains 30% bee wax, therefore needs to go through emulsification with other agents, further dilluting the actual Propolis ingredient




Complex extraction method, needs to train and comply with GMP/HACCP production safety standards.



Liquid CO2 is highly infiltrating and dissolving agent, able to fully dissolve lipid and water based compound, thereby extracting highly pure active ingredients and isolating unwatned substances.



No need for emulsifications given minimal wax contents.



Entire extraction process is isolated from oxygen and under low temperature, thereby preserving final extraction in its most  purest form without damages from heat and oxidation.




Lyophilization (Freeze-Dry)

proimages/Lyophilizing Machine.jpg

Yi Wang utilizes the Freeze Drying, or else known as Lyophilzation technique in drying Royal Jelly and Bee Pollens. This technique incorporates low temperature freezer to gradually dehydrate water content out of Royal Jelly and Bee Pollen. The cost is significantly higher than traditional heat dryer but doing so ensures to fully preserve all active ingredients and perishable substances.

Spray Dry & Cell Wall Breaking

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Double Coating Technique

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The Double Coating technique is designed and implemented on all Yi Wang Probiotic based products.

Some Probiotics (or else known as Beneficial Bacteria) cannot survive hostile environments from the human stomach due to its strong acidity and temperature.

The Double Coating techniuqe wraps all individual Probiotics with 2 layers of protections: first being Collagen and second layer with Soy Protein - to ensure that all Probiotics (Beneficial Bacteria) can safely arrive digestive tracts and reproduce to reach maximum effects. 

proimages/acid test.jpg

Acidity Tolerance Test

proimages/heat test.jpg

Heat Tolerance Test