ODM-Original Design Manufacturing

One of our core business is Original Design Manufacturing (ODM). We cater to and help many health-related distributors and marketing companies to provide private-labeling service for high quality and effective health supplement products.

We have our own staff of Pharmacists, Nutritionists, and Health Professionals as our team to design and formulate innovative and effective products to suit the needs of our clients.

Over the course of 20 years we have developed more than 400 types of functional and supplement health food products. We have registered over 100 formulas under the Malaysia Ministry of Health (MAL certificates) which can be applied for import & export to anywhere in the world.

Below is a list of our functional and supplement product categories:
  • Honeybee series
  • Cardiovascular series
  • Sleep aid/Relaxing series
  • Cognitive/Brain improvement series
  • Eye protection
  • Liver protection
  • Calcium/Joint care
  • Sugar/Glucose balance
  • Antioxidation/Anti-aging
  • Immunity strength
  • Detox/Fiber series
  • Probiotics
  • For men/For women
  • Skin care series
  • Weight management series

Yi Wang provides one-stop product experience: from Raw Materials sourcing, professional formulation, to varied packaging style, quality production, license applications to Import & Export services.

Below is a list of additional services we provide to help your esteemed firm to more conveniently focus on the marketing aspects, let us handle all the production, education, and license application issues, you focus on the marketing of your innovative and effective products;

Product Development

We are aware that many companies lack great R&D teams to stay updated on trend and compete in the market. We offer original, unique formula from our catalogue of over 400 different types of health food, dietary supplement products. And even if our catalogues do not meet your needs, we are ready to custom-tailor your desired products with our staff of Pharmacists and Doctors.

License Application

What good would a product do if we are not permitted to sell them? 

Over Seven decades in 3 continents, we have familiarized with the process of license applications in various countries. With production plants in 5 locations across the world, we help clients in any way to obtain necessary free sale licenses at ease.

Unique Packaging

With decades of operation in the ODM business, we have acquired great reputation in the market, as well as networking with packaging, bottling, and designing firms who provide excellent services and creative inputs for our clients. 

Basic Packaging selection:
  • Propolis liquid extracts:6 ml, 10 ml, 25 ml & 30 ml glass bottles & Drop tubes.
  • Capsules:380 mg & 480 mg (No. 1 & 0) capsules
  • Aluminum Sachets:Powder Sachet: 3~5 g & 15 g. Liquid Sachet: 15g 
  • Bottles: Various glass, plastic, and cosmetic bottles
Education and Training

As a professional health supplement manufacturer, Yi Wang is devoted to the continuous education and awareness of health, nutrition, and lifestyles. We offer companywide product training, information sharing, and various seminars as part of our value-added service to our clients. Whatever it takes to help educate and guide the consumers towards healthier lifestyle we are committed to help.