Yi Wang Honey Garden (M) Sdn. Bhd. Is proud to be equipped with world-class certifications and licenses to ensure that our products are not only safely monitored, recorded, produced, and is available for exportation to countries all over the world.


All of our facilities, production workers, equipment, and production environments are carefully monitored and maintained by various authorities.

GMP Good Manufacturing Practice

Our production facility for Traditional Medicine products is regulated by National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency of Malaysia Ministry of Health. Under the guideline of Good Manufacturing Practice, all products, raw materials, packing materials, inventory, production staff, training, and equipment are under strict monitoring. In addition, all of our productions, maintenance, purchases, and training are recorded for traceability and transparency.

Product Category: Capsules, Sachets, Tablets, Liquid extracts.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) & ISO22000:2018

Our raw materials are manufactured under regulation of Taiwan Universal Certification Service Ltd, which ensures that our food products are produced under international food safety standard.

Products covered: Honey, Royal Jelly, Bee Pollne, and Propolis.

HALAL Certificate

Our facility is also certified with JAKIM Halal Certificate, which is regulated by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. This ensure that our products can be safely consumed by Muslim consumers across the world.

Certified Products: Various traditional medicine products, Honey, and other Honeybee products.


1. Low-Temperature Vacuum Homogenizer

Using low heat (50° Celsius) and vacuum production, our state-of-the-art homogenizer help thoroughly mixing raw honey and reducing its water content without damaging the quality of the honey, therefore securing universal quality, water content, texture, and aroma of our honey.

2. Extractor

Among many of our extractors, we employ a Supercritical Fluid Extractor. Using pressurized Carbon Dioxide liquid and its highly stable nature, we are capable of extracting precise, purified extracts from Propolis without damaging the raw material or incur chemical reaction.

3. Capsule Filling Machine

Yi Wang is capable of producing size 0 (500 mg) and size 1 (400 mg) hard gelatin capsules. Clients are also offered a variety of capsules such as transparent, colored, bovine or vegetable capsules.

4. Aluminum Sachet Filling Machine

We can produce 3 g sachets (solids or powders) and 15 g liquid sachets. 

5. Dryer
6. Liquid Filling Machine
7. Mixing Machine

To ensure all our formulas are properly and evenly mixed, we incorporate this mixing machine in our production.

8. Sieving Machine

To ensure our powdered products having universal sized granules, we are equipped with this sieving machine.