Pure Natural Honey

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Yi Wang collects, processes, and exports pure natural honey in bulk under our sister company Honey Hall Corporation in Vietnam.

Honey Hall Corporation is a subsidiary company of Yi Wang group of companies, it is a honey processing and collecting plant located in Dong Nai, Vietnam.  



We work with local apiaries with contract agreements for guaranteed purchase volumes, in exchange our apiaries guarantees quality of honey  supplied. The quality scope encompasses flavor, aroma, and most importantly, to be free of Adulteration, Chinese honey, Antibiotics, Pesticides, Fungacides, Heavy Metals, and Microorganisms.


The vast vegetation of Vietnam is capable of producing various sources of pure natural honey; the following chart briefly illustrates various floral sources of honey produced during different seasons in Vietnam:

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Quality Assurance:

We are very aware that quality is more important than anything else in this business, that is why we devote our utmost effort to ensure that each single drum within each single batch of every lot of honey to be processed in accordance to world safety standard. Below you'll find our honey production flowchart:

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Our honey specifications:

-          Floral Source: Melaleuca, Rubber, Coffee, Lychee, Longan, Cashew.

-          Water content: ~ 18.5%

-          Reducing sugar: > 65%

-          Color: Amber, Pfund scale 85 ~ 100

-          F/G Ratio: > 1.1 : 1

-          HMF: < 20ppm

-          Diastase Number:  > 7.5

-          Packed in 300 kg iron drums with FDA food grade epoxy coating

-          Free of Antibiotics, Heavy Metal residues, and Micro-organisms.

-          All honey complies with US FDA pure natural honey regulations.

-          A brief list of antibiotics and pesticides which we perform tests on our honey: Cholrophenicols, Streptomycin, Tetracycline, Nitrofurans, Carbendazims, Fluoroquinolones, and more.



Service Provided

Raw Materials

We supply raw honey in bulk to factories who process large quantities of honey. Ideal for confectionaries, bakeries, and honey packers.

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a.       20 FCL Bulk Raw Natural honey

b.      Origin: Vietnam, Taiwan

c.       Water: 18.5%

d.      Absolutely free of antibiotics, pesticides, heavy metals, and microorganisms

e.      Packed in 300 kg iron drums

f.        68~76 drums per load/20’ FCL


OEM (Original Engineered Manufacturing)/Private Labels

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We pack honey using fully automated honey packing machines. Clients may choose the types of bottles of their liking and sticker/labels and we provide one-stop solution for all your packing needs. Ideal service for food stuff distributors and private labels who have existing sales channels.

a.       Packed honey using fully automated machines

b.      GMP/HACCP/HALAL certified food processing plants.

c.       Wide selection of bottles: glass, plastic, various sizes, honey bears, barrels, drums, etc.

d.      Clients design labels


Finished Products

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We pack our own honey and market under our own brand name: Nature’s Select Inc. Ideal for those who wish to distribute our high quality honey with existing brand names and implement into your local existing channels.

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