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Yi Wang is specialized in the Raw Material production of Honeybee productssuch as Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly, and Propolis. We started out more than 75 years ago as a local apiary, today, in Taiwan we partner up with over32 contracted PMCU (Production & Marketing Cooperative Units - organized agricultural marketing associations) to receive quality inspected Honeybee product raw materials.

In Minas Gerais, Brazil, we have our own Brazilian Green Propolis apiary specialized in the production and advanced Supercritical Fluid Extraciton plant for the extraction of pure Brazilian Green Propolis. 


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Yi Wang partners up with local Taiwan PMCUs, associations who specialize in the collection and congregation of all Apiaries in Taiwan, to receive steady and quality inspected natural pure honey. 

All Honey are inspected with Heavy Metals, Antibiotics, and Microorganisms prior to receiving shipments. All Honey are stored, processed, and packed under HACCP/ISO22000 world quality food safety standards. 

As of Today, Yi Wang proudly supplies quality Taiwan Longan Honey and Polyfloral Honey to local Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa, USA, and US clients.

Origin of Honey:Taiwan

Type:Taiwan Longan Honey and Polyfloral Honey

Specification:Water<18.5%; absolutely free of Heavy Metals/Antibiotics   /Microorganisms.

Packing:300 Kg epoxy coated iron drums, 30 Kg food grade plastic barrels,3 Kg food grade plastic barrels,1 Kg glass bottles,500 g syrup squeeze bottle,15 g aluminum foil liquid sachets, and more.

Bee Pollen
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Bee Pollens include estimated 147 types of nutrients - wide in range and rich in content. Bee pollens are praised and dubbed as the "Most Complete Food on Earth" because it contains all 46 types of Vitamins, essential amino acids, fatty acids, and enzymes to replenish everyday nutrient needs

Yi Wang supplies mainly 2 types of Bee Pollens: Taiwan Camellia Bee Pollen and Polyfloral Bee Pollens. All raw materials are produced under experienced and closely supervised apiaries in Taiwan. All Raw materials are filtered and selected, then pasturized with Gamma Rays, then finally lyophilized (freeze-dried) to ensure all active ingredients remain effective.

Origin of Product:Taiwan

Types:Camellia Bee Pollen, Corn Pollen, Polyfloral Pollen

Specifications:Bee Pollen Granules, Powders, Spray-dried powders, and Cell-Wall-Broken Bee Pollens. 

Packing:25 Kg bags,No. 0 capsules(480 mg/cap),3 g aluminum foil sachets.

Royal Jelly
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Royal jelly is a thick, milky substance produced by worker bees to feed theQueen Bee. The worker bees mix honey and bee pollen with enzymes in the glands of their throats to produce royal jelly. 

Royal Jelly is an exclusive food for the Queen Bee, the larves will consume Royal Jelly for 3 days, then switch to Honey or Bee Pollen and become worker bees. The "Chosen Larve" will continue to consume Royal Jelly for lifetime and becomes the Queen, hence the term "Royal Jelly."

Royal Jelly contains massive Vitamin Bs, essential fatty acids and amino acids.

Yi Wang supplies both Fresh Royal Jelly (liquid) and Lyophilized Royal Jelly powders. All Royal Jelly raw materials are inspected with Heavy Metals, Antibiotics, and Microorganisms just llike all our other products.


Product of Origin:Taiwan

Specification:Fresh Royal Jelly, Lyophilized Royal Jelly Powder

Packing:1 Kg bags,No. 1 capsules (380 mg/cap), 3 g aluminum foil sachets.


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We produce our Propolis exclusively from Brazil. The Brazilian Green Propolis produced by Africanized bees is composed by a mixture of wax and resins and has a great variety of colors and consistence. Bees collect Propolis from various parts of the plants like rind of trees, sprout and flower bud.

In various clinical, vivo, and vitro meidcal researches, Propolis has demonstrated effective health benefits such as follows:

1. Anti-inflammatory

2. Antibacterial

3. Antiviral

4. Antioxidant

5. Anticancer

6. Strengthen human immunity

Scientists have suggested that the broad spectrum of uses from Propolis are derived from its super-rich Flavonoid content.

Brazilian Green Propolis are mostly collected by the Amazon Forest. The Amazon Forest in Brazil provides over 2,000 types of plants, occupying 50% of worlds total botanicals, therefore dubbed as "World's Lung".

The botanicals in the Amazon Forest is protected strictly by the Brazilian government, therefore all Propolis collected here are entirely free from antibiotics or heavy metal residues.


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Yi Wang Supercritical Fluid Extraction plant for Propolis in Minas Gerais, Brazil


Our Brazilian Green Propolis is extracted by state-of-the-art Supercritical Fluid Extraction in Brazil (SCF Extraction).

The SCF extraction method utilizes highly pressured (7,000psi) CO2 liquid and blends raw Brazilian Green Propolis.

At just above 30 degree Celcius, Propolis compounds and its flavonoid ingredients are separated without being chemically damaged, leaving all the inconsumable ingredients such as bee wax and tree resins out of finalized extraction.

CO2 is extremely stable, it is colorless, odorless, free from toxics, and does not cause chemical reactions, therefore, with SCF Extraction, Yi Wang brings you the safest, purest, and highest quality Brazilian Green Propolis.


Product of Origin:Minas Gerais, Brazil

Specification:Propolis raw chunks, Supercritical Fluid Extractio, Alcoholic Extraction, Propolis Paste, and Propolis Powder.

Packaging:1 Litter food grade plastic barrels. Please inquire for more.


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