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Yi Wang Group of Companies:

Yi Wang Biotech Co., Ltd (Taiwan)

Yi Wang Honey Garden (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)


Background & History


Founded in 1980 by President Jui-Shan "Jerry" Cheng in Taipei, Taiwan, Yi Wang is a family-based manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and distribution of Honey Bee and Health Food products.

The root of Yi Wang goes way back in the 1930's. During World War II, native Southern Taiwanese Mr. Chien Cheng, grandfather of current President Mr. Jui-Shan Cheng, was first introduced to systematic bee farming from Japan. Fascinated by Honey Bees, Mr. Chien Cheng devoted the rest of his life into mastering the art of bee farming, and such technique and passion were subsequently passed down to his children.


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Over the course of 50 years, Mr. Chien Cheng and his children continued to explore and develop the business in bee farming. The business would then expand and multiply in sizes and production capacities. Various bee products were processed and re-invented into various product lines suitable for different markets.

Having acknowledged the potentials and benefits bee products have brought to the people, in 1983, Mr. Jui-Shan Cheng, the third generation of the family, decided to take steps further, establishing Yi Wang Biotech, Ltd. Co., positioning the company as a professional Honey Bee product & Health Food product manufacturer and producer.

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President of Yi Wang: Jui-Shan "Jerry" Cheng


In the following 20 years, Yi Wang successfully developed various markets in the world, establishing production facilities in Malaysia, Brazil, China, and USA. Along the way, Yi Wang also partners and collaborates with hospitals, universities, and various institutions and develops numerous innovative health food products.


Today, Yi Wang is an international honey bee and health food manufacturer with production plants in Taiwan, Malaysia, Brazil, China, and USA, supplying over 400 types of products, ranging from dietary supplements, raw material trading, to high end cosmetics all around the world.


Our Mission


"Yi-Wang is dedicated to deliver the purest, highest quality and effective health food and honey bee products to our clients with the support of advance technology, strict quality control, state-of-the-art production facilities, and devotion to establish long lasting, healthy relationships."

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Our Goals

With continuous reinvestments and implementations in the developing of advanced biotechnology and quality manufacturing, Yi Wang aims to expand its production capacity and quality standard into the world wide market, mean while serving and partnering with more world-class clients and ensure 100% consumer satisfaction.
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