Business Operation

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Versatility: Raw Material to Product Development to Product Manufacturing

Yi Wang is a both vertically and horizontally integrated manufacturer. We are both the raw material producer AND the finished product packer, offering one-stop shopping experience from mid-distributors to end consumers. We offer various products and services in a wide array of forms and quantities to meet our clients' needs. Our core production include but not limit to: Honeybee products and various Health Supplement products.


Raw Material
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Yi Wang is specialized in the production of Honey Bee raw materials, such as Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis. We have our own bee farms and close connection with experienced bee farmers in Taiwan, who specialize in producing quality honey, bee pollen and royal jelly, and in Brazil, where highest qualityBrazilian Green Propolis are produced.

Original Design Manufacturing (ODM)


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As an Original Design Manufacturer, we have our own staffs and partners of pharmacists and doctors who develop over 400 different formulas of Honey Been & Health Supplement products.

Our ODM products target both general and niche markets, from general dietary supplements such as Calcium supplements, to products that target specific markets such as cardiovascular health, antioxidants, diabetics, and children's wellness.

With a broad menu of unique products to choose from, Yi Wang is also a one-stop shop for marketing firms who wish to add new, exciting products onto their catalogue.

Our current roster of patented and registered formula designed for include but not limit to the following:

- Cardiovascular Diseases care products

- Diabetic care products

- Men and Women specific products

- Children specific products

- Slimming/Detox products

- Antioxidation/Anti-aging products

- Skin/Skin care products

- Liver & Kidney products

- Probiotics, Fibers, and Enzyme products

- Calcium, Collagen, Essential Oil supplementation