Functional Health Food As technology advances, the modern life is brought with comfort and convenience yet these perks come with a price tag - Health. In the 21st century, the top 10 causes of death are no longer traditionally thought epidemic diseases nor warefare, but the direct result of imbalanced nutrients, lack of exercises, over exposure to oxidation - Chronic Diseases: Diabetes, Hypertention, Cardiovascular Diseases, or Cancer. The WHO defines chronic diseases as the following: "Chronic diseases are diseases of long duration and generally slow progression. Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes, are by far the leading cause of mortality in the world, representing 60% of all deaths." Yi Wang introduces various quality functional health food products to help prevent or improve conditions of various Chronic Diseases or symptoms pertaining to Chronic Diseases. We tirelessly devote most of our resources into the research & development of high quality, high efficiency and innovative products that cater to your special needs.

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