Product Name : Honey Raw Material

Model : HONEY

Produced, Processed, and Packed in Taiwan & Vietnam
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Honey   Yi Wang partners up with Vietnamese beekeepers and associations which specialize in the collection and congregation of all Apiaries in Taiwan, to receive steady and quality inspected natural pure honey.  Origin of Honey:Vietnam Floral Source: Melaleucca, Coffee, Rubber, Longan, Lychee, Cashew, etc. Specification: Water: <18.5% F/G Ratio: 1.1 : 1 Reducing Sugar: > 65% HMF: < 20ppm Diastase Number: >7.5 Color: Amber (85 to 100mm on Pfund Scale) ABSOLUTELY FREE OF ANTIBIOTICS & PESTICIDES (Detected N/A)  ABSOLUTELY FREE OF ADULTERATIONS  ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHINESE HONEY     Packing:300 Kg epoxy coated iron drums Minimum Ordering Quantity: 20 tons (~64 drums) Terms: FOB Ho Chi Minh Vietnam; CIF or DDP Destination port. List of Pesticides and Antibiotics we perform our tests on: - Cholrophenicols, Tetracycline, Streptomycin, Carbendazim, Fluoroquinolones, Nitrofurans,

 Honey Raw Material