Packaging/Pricing:30 capsules per bottle, 500 mg per capsule

Dosage:Take 1-2 capsules per day before meal.

Antrodia is the extract from rare Lingchi Mushroom produced only from Taiwan; they are found and collected from Antrodia trees. The extract contains many complex nutrients that are highly beneficial for Liver, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Free Radicals, Cancer, Immune System, Blood Sugar, Blood Cholesterol, and various other syndromes caused by disordered metabolism.

Antrodia  Camphorata contain various beneficial nutrients, the following are the main ingredients and their functions to human body:


Triterpenoids is the most important ingredient that Antrodia contain; it is extracted from the bitter components from Antrodia Camphorata. According to current medical researches, most Lingchi mushrooms contain ranging twenty to fifty kinds of Triterpenoids, yet one single Antrodia contains more than 200 kinds of Triterpenoids.

The main functions of Triterpenoids are to: 
  1. Help fighting against carcinogens
  2. Easing allergic reactions
  3. Enhance liver functions
  4. Help lowering overall blood cholesterol
  5. Increase activities from blood platelet

According to various medical sources, the more amount and classes present Triterpenoids there is, the more medical value there is.


Polysaccharides -β-D-glucan

Polysaccharides are a compound of millions of millions of simple sugars, such as glucose. With the specified compound -β-D-glucan, the polysaccharides help aiding and exciting lymphocytes such as T and B cells to create better human immune system structure.

SOD: Superoxide Dismutase

Many living species create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species), which are caused by exposure to radioactive materials and chemical reactions. These ROS often become Free Radicals in the human body during metabolism, these Free Radicals often damages DNA, causes cells to age, and cause cancers.

SOD is one of the enzymes that specializes in cleaning and evacuating the Free Radicals from the human body.