Product Name:Sainos (Calcium Formula)

Main Ingredients:Calcium Citrate, Calcium Lactate, Yogurt Calcium Extract, CPP (Casein Phosphopeptide), Collagen, Vitamin D.

Packaging:3 g per sachet

Direction of Use:Take 1 to 2 sachets a day, any time is fine.

Function:Calcium and Collagen supplementation without side effects seen with traditional calcium tablets (kidney stones and stomach gas). Suitable for all ages and demographics.

Traditional Calcium supplementations are mostly made of low-cost, low-absorption rate Calcium Carbonate - with raw materials ranging from eggshells to clam shells.

Although inexpensive and easy to produce, Calcium Carbonate tablets have its down sides: Carbon easily binds with other elements once it enters the stomach, when binding with Oxygen, it forms CO2, which is why most people experience stomach gases after using Calcium Carbonate tablets; kidney stones form when Carbon binds with Phytic Acid (which most vegetables contain, particularly Spinach).

Distinctive from traditional Calcium Carbonate Supplements, Yi Wang's product development team came up with Sainos - a complete Calcium supplement in delicious, sweet & citrusy granules, delivering sensational experience - without all the negative side effects seen from traditional Calcium Tablets.