Product Name:MoveFree

Main Ingredients:Glucosamine Sulfate, Calcium Citrate, Devil's Claw, Shark cartridge extract, MSM

Packaging:3 g sachets, 30 sachets per box

Function:Replenishes the joints and bones with sufficient nutrients; anti-inflammatory and mild pain relief to reduce symptoms of arthritis.

Direction of Use:Take 1 sachet after meal, once to twice a day.

Movefree is a complex formula designed specifically to prevent and help conditions suffered from various types of Arthritis without side effects derived from traditional Steroids and Pain Killer treatments.

Movefree emphasizes on the nutrient supply to joint repair, suppressing inflammations, and pain relief by combining the following 100% all-natural ingredient that have been proven to be extremely effective.

  1. Helps relieve from join pains caused by inflammation.
  2. Supply Calcium and Collagen nutrients for faster healing and repairs.
  3. Re-build damaged cartridges and prevent from further joint deformation.